• Bwogi Solomon

    Team Chairman

    Position: Chairman Born : May 19, 1990 Joined Club: 2005

    Bwogi Solomon, the esteemed Team Chairman of the Ndejje Cartels, has been a guiding force for the team since 2005. His leadership and commitment have played a pivotal role in shaping the Cartels into a thriving and respected entity.
    Visionary Leadership:
    As the Team Chairman, Solomon brings visionary leadership to the Cartels, steering the team toward success on and off the field. His strategic approach and commitment to the team's values have been instrumental in fostering a culture of excellence.

  • Kayinja Jacob


    Position: Manager Operations Born : August 19, 1991 Joined Club: 1992

    Kayinja Jacob, the dedicated Manager of Operations for the Ndejje Cartels, brings a wealth of experience and operational expertise to the team. Since taking on the role, Jacob has been a linchpin in ensuring the seamless functioning of various operational aspects within the Cartels.
    Operational Excellence:
    In his capacity as Manager Operations, Jacob oversees and optimizes the day-to-day functions of the team. His meticulous planning, organizational skills, and attention to detail contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the Cartels.

  • Brandon Kimuli


    Position: Team Coach Born : June 19, 1991 Joined Club: 2005

    Brandon Kimuli, at the helm as the Head Coach of the Ndejje Cartels, brings a wealth of coaching experience and a passion for player development. His leadership has been instrumental in shaping the team's style of play and achieving notable successes.
    Coaching Philosophy:
    As Head Coach, Kimuli instills a dynamic and strategic approach to the game. His coaching philosophy emphasizes skill development, teamwork, and a commitment to the Cartels' values both on and off the pitch.

  • Lutalo Andreas

    Social Media

    Position: Social Media Manager Born : December 30 , 1992 Joined Club: 2005

    Lutalo Andreas, the Social Media Manager for the Ndejje Cartels, has been a dedicated member of the team since 2005. His role as a Social Media Manager reflects his commitment to enhancing the team's visibility and engagement in the digital realm.
    Digital Strategy:
    As the Social Media Manager, Andreas formulates and executes digital strategies to promote the Cartels' brand, connect with fans, and share the team's journey. His innovative approach leverages social media platforms to build a vibrant online community.

  • Kalagala Denis


    Position: Team Captain Born : August 19, 1990 Joined Club: 2005

    Kalagala Denis, donning the prestigious armband, is the esteemed Team Captain of the Ndejje Cartels. His leadership on and off the field is a cornerstone of the team's success, embodying the values and spirit of the Cartels.
    Leadership on the Field:
    As Team Captain, Denis leads by example during matches. His on-field presence is characterized by determination, resilience, and a never-say-die attitude. Denis inspires teammates through his work ethic and commitment to the Cartels' cause.

  • Nantume Barbara

    Women's Affairs

    Position: Women's Affairs Coordinator Born : Jun 19, 1992 Joined Club: 2005

    Nantume Barbara, the Women's Affairs Coordinator for the Ndejje Cartels, plays a crucial role in promoting and supporting the participation of women in the team. Barbara's commitment to fostering a vibrant women's program within the Cartels is reflective of the team's dedication to inclusivity.
    Women's Empowerment:
    Barbara is at the forefront of initiatives that empower and encourage women to actively engage in football. Her advocacy goes beyond the field, promoting a culture of respect, equality, and recognition for the female members of the Cartels.

  • Buyinza Joel Mukiibi (Mwacheb)


    Position: Finance Manager Born : August 19, 1991 Joined Club: 2005

    Buyinza Joel Mukiibi, affectionately known as Mwacheb, serves as the Finance Manager for the Ndejje Cartels. His role is pivotal in ensuring the financial health and sustainability of the team, contributing to its overall success.
    Financial Stewardship:
    Mwacheb is entrusted with managing the financial resources of the Cartels. His strategic financial planning, budgeting, and financial reporting contribute to the team's stability and enable the realization of its goals.