Our Cartels Journey

At The Cartels, we are more than just an alumni class; we are a family that emerged from the Ndejje SS Alumni class of 2005-2010. Our journey began with diverse individuals entering Ndejje SS in February 2005, and by the time the last one left in December 2010, we had become a family that many envy.

Our Foundation: Unity, Pride, and Commitment

Rooted in a strong sense of togetherness, The Cartels is not just a name; it’s a reflection of the close bond between our members. We run our own “Cartels,” each contributing to the rich tapestry of our shared history. This commitment to unity has endured, evident in our numerous accomplishments and the social events we continue to host together.

Beyond Classmates: A Lifelong Connection

Our class doesn’t just reminisce about the past; we actively organize social events, publish newsletters, and raise funds for both the organization and individual members in times of need. Exclusive to members of the Ndejje SS Alumni class of 2005-2010, The Cartels is a unique community that fosters connections beyond graduation.

Vision and Mission: Engaging Classmates, Fostering Growth

Vision: To engage our classmates while fostering individual growth in all aspects of life.

Mission: The Cartels fosters a lifelong spirit of belonging and pride by connecting alumni, friends, and family members. We advocate for our alumni with a credible, independent, and collaborative voice.

Aims, Objectives, and Core Values: Guiding Our Path

  • Promoting mutually beneficial interaction among alumni.
  • Encouraging the formation of Chapters to increase alumni participation.
  • Enabling alumni to participate in activities contributing to The Cartels’ development.
  • Recognizing outstanding social and community service by alumni.
  • Organizing scholarship funds to support deserving students of Ndejje SS.
  • Guided by core values: Loyalty, Integrity, Diversity, Innovation, Continuous Improvement, and Family.

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