Igaga Peter

Defender The Ndejje Cartels 05

Player Profile

Date of Birth April 10th, 1993
Place of Birth Kiwanda , Jinja
Height 185cm
Weight 68kg
Citizenship Ugandan

Career Information

Matches 26 matches
Goals 12 goals
Discipline 3 fouls against
Spot Kick 7 Free Kick
Club Debut March 21, 2011
Previous Club The Ndejje Cartels 05
Present Club The Ndejje Cartels 05

Background: Igaga Peter, a left-footed defensive virtuoso, is a vital component of the Ndejje Cartels. Born with a natural affinity for the left side of the pitch, Peter has proven himself as a resilient and skilled defender.

Playing Style: As a left-footed defender, Peter’s unique skill set adds versatility to the team’s defensive strategy. His left foot is a weapon in both precise passing and strategic clearances, making him a standout presence in the Cartels’ backline.

Career Highlights: Throughout his tenure, Peter’s left-footed finesse has been pivotal in thwarting opposing attacks and initiating counter-plays. His ability to read the game and execute precise tackles showcases his defensive mastery.


  • Recognized for exceptional defensive performances on the left flank.
  • Instrumental in securing clean sheets and minimizing opposition threats.

Off the Pitch: Off the field, Igaga Peter is known for his quiet leadership and unwavering commitment. His presence in the dressing room adds a sense of calm and determination, contributing to the team’s overall resilience.

Personal Note: Igaga Peter, the left-footed defender, symbolizes the defensive strength and strategic prowess of the Ndejje Cartels—a player whose left foot is a force to be reckoned with.

Join us in celebrating Igaga Peter’s mastery on the left flank and his contribution to the Cartels’ defensive legacy!