Kasozi Edward

Midfielder The Ndejje Cartels 05

Player Profile

Date of Birth April 12th, 1992
Place of Birth Kyaliwajjala , Namugongo
Height 182cm
Weight 70kg
Citizenship Ugandan

Career Information

Matches 36 matches
Goals 7 goals
Discipline 8 fouls against
Spot Kick 12 Free Kick
Club Debut March 21, 2010
Previous Club The Ndejje Cartels 05
Present Club The Ndejje Cartels 05

Background: Kasozi Edward, a dynamic midfielder, is a key presence in the heart of the action for the Ndejje Cartels. His journey as a midfielder has been marked by skillful plays, strategic vision, and a deep commitment to the team’s success.

Playing Style: In the midfield, Edward is known for his technical prowess, ball control, and the ability to seamlessly transition between defensive and attacking plays. His contributions play a vital role in shaping the team’s overall gameplay.

Career Highlights: Edward’s career with the Cartels is highlighted by remarkable performances in midfield battles. Whether orchestrating plays, delivering key passes, or contributing defensively, he consistently elevates the team’s performance.


  • Acknowledged for his pivotal role in controlling the midfield.
  • Instrumental in creating goal-scoring opportunities and maintaining possession.

Off the Pitch: Off the field, Kasozi Edward is a respected figure, known for his sportsmanship and camaraderie. His leadership qualities contribute to a positive team culture, fostering unity among the Cartels.

Personal Note: Kasozi Edward exemplifies the spirit of the Ndejje Cartels—a midfielder whose technical finesse and strategic mindset embody the essence of the team’s success.

Join us in recognizing Kasozi Edward’s contributions to the Cartels’ midfield brilliance!