Kironde Leonard

Goalkeeper The Ndejje Cartels 05

Player Profile

Date of Birth March 5th, 1991
Place of Birth kyanja, Kampala
Height 183cm
Weight 70kg
Citizenship Liberton

Career Information

Matches 51 matches
Goals 37 goals
Discipline 5 fouls against
Spot Kick 25 Free Kick
Club Debut January 15, 2009
Previous Club The Ndejje Cartels 05
Present Club The Ndejje Cartels 05

Background: Kironde Leonard, the formidable goalkeeper for the Ndejje Cartels, is a guardian of the team’s net, known for his shot-stopping abilities and commanding presence in the goalmouth.

Shot-Stopping Expertise: Leonard’s goalkeeping prowess is evident in his exceptional shot-stopping abilities. Whether facing powerful strikes or agile shots, he stands as a formidable barrier, showcasing a strong last line of defense for the Cartels.

Commanding Presence: In the goal, Leonard commands his area with authority. His communication skills, ability to organize the defense, and strategic positioning contribute to the team’s overall defensive strength.

Distribution Skills: Beyond shot-stopping, Leonard is adept at distribution. His accurate throws and precise goal kicks often initiate counter-attacks, adding an offensive dimension to the Cartels’ gameplay.

Bravery and Agility: Leonard’s bravery in one-on-one situations and agility in diving to make crucial saves set him apart. His quick reflexes and fearless approach make him a reliable presence between the goalposts.

Career Highlights: Leonard’s career with the Cartels is highlighted by numerous crucial saves, securing clean sheets, and being a key figure in the team’s defensive record. His performances often serve as a foundation for the team’s success.

Off the Pitch: Off the field, Kironde Leonard is a respected figure within the Cartels’ community. His dedication, hard work, and sportsmanship contribute to the team’s collective spirit and camaraderie.

Personal Note: Kironde Leonard stands as the guardian of the Ndejje Cartels—a goalkeeper whose expertise, commanding presence, and contributions define the team’s defensive resilience.

Join us in celebrating Kironde Leonard’s exceptional role as the goalkeeper for the Ndejje Cartels!