Sheldon Turyamureeba

Forward The Ndejje Cartels 05

Player Profile

Date of Birth April 7th, 1992
Place of Birth Rusheere , Mbarara
Height 183cm
Weight 70kg
Citizenship Ugandan

Career Information

Matches 38 matches
Goals 5 goals
Discipline 7 fouls against
Spot Kick 17 Free Kick
Club Debut March 20, 2012
Previous Club The Ndejje Cartels 05
Present Club The Ndejje Cartels 05

Goal-Scoring Prowess: Sheldon’s primary role as a striker is marked by his goal-scoring prowess. His instinctive ability to find the back of the net, whether with powerful strikes or well-placed finishes, makes him a constant threat to opposing defenses.

Agility and Speed: Sheldon’s agility and speed set him apart on the field. His quick turns, acceleration, and ability to navigate through defenses showcase a player capable of creating goal-scoring opportunities even in tight situations.

Clinical Finishing: As a striker, Sheldon exhibits clinical finishing skills. His composed demeanor in front of goal and ability to convert chances into goals make him a reliable and consistent scorer for the Cartels.

Playmaking Abilities: Beyond scoring, Sheldon contributes to the team’s attack with playmaking abilities. His vision and ability to create scoring opportunities for teammates add a valuable dimension to the Cartels’ offensive strategies.

Versatility in Attack: Sheldon’s versatility allows him to adapt to various attacking roles. Whether as a central striker or operating in wider positions, his flexibility adds tactical options to the Cartels’ offensive setups.

Career Highlights: Sheldon’s career with the Cartels is adorned with numerous goals, memorable celebrations, and crucial contributions in key matches. His goal-scoring exploits have been instrumental in the team’s successes.

Off the Pitch: Off the field, Sheldon Turyamureeba is a respected figure within the Cartels’ community. His sportsmanship, dedication, and positive influence contribute to the team’s cohesion and collective spirit.

Personal Note: Sheldon Turyamureeba is the goal-scoring sensation of the Ndejje Cartels—a striker whose agility, clinical finishing, and playmaking abilities define the team’s attacking prowess.

Join us in celebrating Sheldon Turyamureeba’s exceptional role as a striker for the Ndejje Cartels!