SKAAR Advocates

A Full-Service Legal Hub

SKAAR Advocates offers a comprehensive range of legal services, demonstrating versatility and proficiency in addressing the diverse needs of its clientele. Whether navigating domestic matters or engaging in cross-border transactions, the firm’s team of local Ugandan lawyers is well-equipped to provide expert guidance and representation.

The firm’s commitment extends beyond geographical boundaries, with established offices strategically positioned in key markets. This deliberate expansion allows SKAAR Advocates to bring a unique blend of on-the-ground experience and cross-border integration, ensuring that clients receive personalized, insightful, and globally-informed legal counsel.

An Ode to Uganda’s Heritage

SKAAR Advocates recognizes and cherishes Uganda’s historical tapestry. The firm views its connection to the nation’s past not only as a source of inspiration but also as a guiding force in its pursuit of legal excellence. By combining contemporary legal expertise with an understanding of Uganda’s traditions, SKAAR Advocates aims to foster a legal environment that respects and reflects the cultural nuances of the region.

Excellence Beyond Borders

Diversity is not just a buzzword at SKAAR Advocates; it is a fundamental aspect of the firm’s ethos. The commitment to diversity is woven into the fabric of the workplace, creating an environment where varied perspectives flourish. The firm believes that embracing diversity enhances creativity, fosters innovation, and ultimately results in better service for its clients.

Connecting with SKAAR Advocates

For those seeking legal counsel or wishing to engage with SKAAR Advocates, several avenues are available. The firm’s contact details are as follows:

Phone: +256 200939208


Address: Suite C 14, Ntinda Shopping Center, Plot 5 Kimera Road, Ntinda, P.O Box 106401, Kampala, Uganda.

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In the heart of Uganda, where the legal landscape intertwines with the nation’s rich history, SKAAR Advocates stands as a beacon of legal excellence. Established as a full-service law firm, SKAAR Advocates takes pride in its deep connection to Uganda’s past, aiming to provide outstanding legal services to its clients while actively contributing to the community’s well-being.


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