That is a question that has been asked over and over again specifically about why we are the Cartels. In short, we look at each other as small gangs which come together to form one big CARTEL. We look at ourselves as one big family that is stuck together through thick and thin despite the challenges that we have faced together for the past 17 years. It is the values of family, hard work, friendship, reconciliation and loyalty that bring THE CARTELS together and which we hope to showcase during Season 2 of The Ndejje League.

Ahead of the new season, we will be running in depth interviews with our team administration, your favorite players as well as our sponsors.  All team news will also be found here in a bid to get closer to our fans and the general public.

As part of preparation for the new season, changes were made to the team administration for the smooth running of the team. Special thanks go out to this particular group since this is on voluntary basis and no monies are paid for this full time job.

The Administration team currently consists of; Bwogi Solomon (Team Chairman), Kayinja Jacob (Team Manager), Buyinza Joel (Treasurer), Kimuli Brandon (Head Coach), Kalagala Dennis (Team Captain), Namono Ritah and Nantume Barbra (In-Charge, Ladies Affairs), Kemigisa Irene, Mbabazi Samson, Abaasa Daniel and Kibirige Samwiri (Events Corner) together with Nyondo Yudah Jagwe and Andreas Lutalo (Social Media duties). This team is ably assisted by Kisakye Philip (Graphics) and Igaga Peter (Photography).

The treasurer is still receiving contributions towards the welfare of the team and contributions can be sent to Buyinza Joel on 0778116666/0705265000. We thank you for your support and best believe the team will bleed for the crest. #WeAreTheCartels.

As part of our Newsletter, this week we will be running an exclusive interview with our team manager, Mr. Kayinja Jacob. Jacob joined Ndejje SS in 2005 and left in 2008. He was a member of Lubambula House. Prior to being appointed as team manager, Jacob was a part time player operating in the left back position. A tough tackling defender who exemplified all the attributes of THE CARTELS on and off the pitch. He is a very passionate man and he currently serves as the Chairperson of The Supreme Kigere Government.

CARTELS: Thank you for taking this interview. You must be a very busy man. Running the Cartels, which is a full time job and your day to day activities. How do you intend to balance the two?

KJ: It is an honour to be part of THE CARTELS Administration. THE CARTELS is a family to me. Most of my friends are from this group of people and I will always find time to serve. I will always share my time with THE CARTELS. It is the least I can do for the people that groomed me. Like they say, family first.

CARTELS: You are taking over from former team manager and current team chairman Mr. Solomon Bwogi, who many credit from mobilizing this team from scratch, how do you intend to carry on his legacy while also leaving your own footprint on the team?

KJ: The former team manager and I go way back. In fact, we have a very special bond because our fathers studied together as well. I cannot level up to his commitment to this team because he started the whole idea from scratch. I can only try to do better of what he started in trying to fill his very big shoes. I admire his hard work and sacrifice. I am also grateful because I am doing all this under his guidance and I will always consult him when making any decisions.

CARTELS: Some critics may say the former team manager failed to bring on the ladies support to the team, how do you intend to address this?

KJ: Ladies are a very big factor for any society. They groom us and always keep us grounded. As THE CARTELS, we have involved some ladies in our Administration. We hope that they will mobilize others. We also intend to provide incentives for our ladies and hope they will be a big attraction for them, their husbands, kids and our wives too for those that are married. Ladies are very much involved in our decision making.

CARTELS: You come in after a long break from the Ndejje League and all sporting activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, isn’t this a challenge and how do you intend to address team affairs after such a long time out?

KJ: We have been keeping in touch with all the players, encouraging them to stay fit and keep training on an individual basis. We have also had a number of friendlies with different teams like Tsunamiz of SMACK. We also have a few more friendlies lined up with NSHERA FC of Ntare and Gonyama of Namilyango.

CARTELS: You have chosen to maintain your trust in the former Team Managers appointments; Mr. Brandon Kimuli as Head Coach and Mr. Kalagala Dennis as team Captain. What is your thinking behind this given that the team finished a dismal fifth during Season 1 of the Ndejje League?

KJ: We have great trust in Coach Brandon and Captain Kalagala and I believe they will lead THE CARTELS even better this second season. Our performance last season was due to very many unfortunate factors not leaving out biasness and poor officiation. We are ready this time round to fight and give our all. We have had more than enough time off and now know better how to overcome such tendencies. We are THE CARTELS and we will always find a way of winning.

CARTELS: Speaking of performances, last season the team faced many challenges as most of its key players missed a few Game Weeks due to either work commitments or long Saturday nights. How do you intend to address this?

KJ: We are in touch with every player and are committed to following up with each player’s welfare and their commitment towards the team. Timely communication and proper planning are key to the players’ availability on game day not forgetting some incentives.

CARTELS: A season is a long winding venture including preparations. How do you intend to finance the various team activities? Should we expect some sponsors on board?

KJ: Sponsorships are key to any team’s welfare but the biggest sponsor is every CARTELS member who has contributed effortlessly towards our team’s wellbeing and I must commend them. We are also in the final stages of talks with some potential companies for sponsorship deals. They will come on board. The future looks bright for THE CARTELS.

CARTELS: What goals would you want the team to achieve in the short term and how would you want to be judged at the end of your tenure?

KJ: The goal is to be the best. Emerge as winners and stay on top whether it is in the Ndejje League, work or in life. I want THE CARTELS name to be associated with the best. This is our season to be the best and I want to be judged for putting for putting a stone towards the betterment of our class and its individuals as a whole.

CARTELS: Away from football, what do you do in your day to day life and how can anyone contact you for business?

KJ: I am a sociologist and farmer by profession. I am a religious man with a Rastafarian mentality. My socials are @KAYJYACOBO on Twitter. You can also get me through @Cartels05

CARTELS: Finally, thank you again for your time. Any final message to the fans as to what they should look forward to in the near future?

KJ: I appreciate their trust in me and support towards the team. They have been a great support system and they should know this is our season to perform and win the league. The trophy will come home #WeAreTheCartels.

Andreas Lutalo
March 2, 2022

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