How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and sheroes” Maya Angelou.

We here at THE CARTELS recognize the role of women in building a society. The message has always been clear from the beginning that this is an inclusive organization whose success relies a lot on the involvement of the ladies.

This week, as the rest of the world comes together to celebrate the International Women’s Day, we would like to highlight the role played by THE CARTELS ladies in the building of this organization. From the onset, we have had a number of ladies coming to cheer for the team during various matches. We once had Namon Rita the CEO of Eazi Cakes provide free cake during a Sunday runout which probably helped the lads raise their sugar levels.

Apart from the physical support, we have had financial and mental support when things did not seem to be going as planned. The ladies always come in with a cool head to offer advice and direction where the adrenaline and testosterone is running high.

However, this year is extra special for us that for the first time we are seeing the ladies take up administration posts on the team. As seen in our big interview this week, that has given us an incentive to transform THE CARTELS into just a football club to an inclusive organization that caters for all genders and age groups.

We will acknowledge the fact that things have not always been like this probably due to our history but this is an opportunity for the entire CARTELS cohort to move forward and form long lasting relationships. The men alone cannot do it and it is for that reason that it is important to have the ladies on board. Hopefully, in the near future we shall see a female team manager or team chairman. By the look of things, that may happen sooner rather than later.

This week, we celebrate one of our sheroes; the in-charge Ladies Affairs; Mrs. Miti Barbra Nantume. Barbra is a business woman, a mother and wife. She is one of the ladies who have consistently supported THE CARTELS efforts and it is only befitting that she was unanimously appointed to THE CARTELS organization committee for this season. Barbra joined Ndejje SS in 2005 and left in 2010. She was a member of Muteesa House where she was a very good Sports lady in her own right. We can only hope that she can roll back the years and maybe feature in a few games for THE CARTELS this season. We can only hope.

CARTELS: Thank you for taking this interview. What does it mean to you being appointed to THE CARTELS organization committee for this season and how do you intend to balance the role with your current day to day activities?

MBN: First, I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity, it’s an honor to be interviewed by the great cartels and to feature in our weekly newsletter. It is a humbling experience, to have people entrust you with a role it means that they believe in your capabilities so it moves my heart, that I was considered for this role, and honestly I can’t tell you how I intend to balance the role with my current day to day activities, as you grow up you realize that the wheel keeps moving, it never really stops, the only way to maintain the balance is to create processes that lead you to the outcome. One thing I have done is that I have accepted being a cartel, it’s my duty and responsibility to carry the role assigned and execute it in a way that the next lady who steps in my shoes has a strong foundation.

CARTELS: This is the first time we are seeing ladies physically involved in the team activities, what do you think has been the reason for the minimal involvement and interest?

 MBN: I know, we have never really taken a keen interest in the team activities, it could be several reasons mainly because majority of the ladies are not into football as most men are, sometimes when you see Sheldon and Allan talking about the PSG games, you are made aware of how much little passion you have for football.

Two, the team has never really made space for the ladies, it’s mainly a man sport and I guess the “Godfathers” before have never really known how to create it for them.

And lastly it could be because until recently there was a huge gap between the ladies and the men , it was always the boys one side the girls the other side, just like in school, as you walked down the pavement from class to the dormitories, the boys were on the left the girls on the right.

CARTELS: As In-Charge of the Ladies Affairs, what changes can we hope for to see increased participation of ladies in THE CARTELS affairs?

MBN: The change is already happening, we have three ladies on the cartels organization, and we have been very active in making a number of decisions for the team. In addition to that we hope to introduce a few games that can be enjoyed by the ladies, and by anyone else who is less interested in football. We hope to grow the cartels to not just a football team but a family that can enjoy a number of sports activities together.

CARTELS: Historically, the gents and ladies of THE CARTELS have had a checkered past with tensions always running high. Do you think this is now a thing of the past or some work must be done to improve relations?

MBN: True, we have not always had a rosy relationship with each other, however there is a beauty to growth and history, as you grow up you realize that there is much more to life than holding onto the past and it’s easier to let go, heal, and move on. I believe there is still work to be done but we have progressed a lot, of late we stand together in times of joy and sadness, we support each other’s hustle, and we celebrate our life’s milestones together. History is important but it should only provide us with lesson to learn from. We should not be held hostage to what we can’t change.

CARTELS: You are relatively new in your role but what targets do you have for the short term and long term and how would you want to be judged at the end of your tenure?

MBN: I believe we are writing a story; I might open the first page and write the first word, but I believe that very many after me will contribute greatly to what we have started. We are laying a foundation and we must make it strong so that it can hold what we are building.

First, I want the ladies to show up and make beautiful memories; we need to have fun, so fun is part of our short and long term to do list. If we have the ladies enjoying each season, then we shall be able to look forward to having them each season.

I hope one day we shall have a female chair, and I just want to be remembered as the lady who said she will show up and she did.

CARTELS: Going to the field, what are your hopes for THE CARTELS this season and are there any players you are excited to see turn out for us?

MBN: Ohh I hope we win, I believe we can win, I see the dedication and passion that the gentlemen have put into this, and I honestly pray that they achieve their goals (literally), I am excited to see Dizo in action, there is a picture of him kicking the ball with all he has, it would be nice to see him play, ohh and Abaasa, I would love to see Abaasa on the pitch.

CARTELS: Ahead of unveiling the team jersey, the ladies were given a chance to choose the jersey and we can say they came up with a great choice. What was your mindset ahead of choosing the jersey?

MBN: Trust me it was a lot of pressure to choose the jersey, I asked everyone around me for their opinion. I wanted to pick a jersey that looked good, honestly I choose the prettiest of them, so that the gents can feel proud of their team as they play, you can’t play well when you are feeling bad about what you are dressed in!

CARTELS: The team manager has always stressed the fact that he wants to turn THE CARTELS into a family oriented organization with hopes that our spouses and children starting with Mr. Miti get to enjoy and attend some of the team activities. Do you think this is a realistic target and what needs to be done to achieve this?

MBN: What man has done man can do and even much better, it has been done before and it’s achievable, it will  take time but it will be possible in the long run. In order to achieve this we ought to first believe that it can happen, to ensure that it starts with us the people preaching the family orientation and we need to make sure we have activities in place that bring the families to the pitch. For example; bouncing castles, food, Music face painting, and lots of fun.

CARTELS: Away from THE CARTELS, what do you do in your day-to-day life and how can anyone contact you for business?

MBN: I am a mother of two children and a wife to Mr. Miti, I works as an accountant at Groots Healthcare limited, a pharmacy located in Naguru, opposite the surgery. I am also very interested in farming; I believe industrializing farming for Uganda will take us places. Lastly I have a company called Life Made Easy(LME) which specializes in importing items that basically make life easy at home.

My socials are Nantume Barbara for Instagram, @NantumeB for twitter and Nantume Barbara Facebook

CARTELS: Finally, thank you again for your time. Should the fans expect you to roll back the years and turn out for THE CARTELS and any final words for them?

MBN: Thank you so much for entrusting me with my role, I hope we shall always look forward, create memories, and build strong relationships. To the cartels team, you are not only playing for yourself, you are playing for our children, husbands and our wives, give it your all.


The treasurer is still receiving contributions towards the welfare of the team and contributions can be sent to Buyinza Joel on 0778116666/0705265000. We thank you for your support and best believe the team will bleed for the crest. #WeAreTheCartels.

Andreas Lutalo
March 11, 2022

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