What is a celebration without cake? Personally, I don’t know how one can say they had a good celebration with no cake. A wedding, birthday, anniversary or simply the small wins in life all have one thing in common…cake. This March has been one big celebration for THE CARTELS on and off the field and surely anyone who has been following us knows that apart from playing football, WE KNOW HOW TO PARTY.

This month, we started off the Ndejje League with a bang and can only hope we finish it off with a bang. The preparations have been precise and a peep in the camp shows that there is a lot of work to be done despite the resounding wins in Game Week 1. Coach Brandon Kimuli has put out a rallying cry by saying “No one we can’t beat if we show up in good numbers and kill off our chances. We were very wasteful last time out even if we won by those margins”. This shows a team that isn’t just satisfied with winning but cares more about the way they play.

In between all the hustle, bustle and preparations, we had a few CARTELS celebrate their birthdays this March. We had our very own Kaiza “Kuzo” Enock, Nakitto Aisha, Mirembe Brenda and Igaga “Dizo” Peter grow a year older this March and this issue of the newsletter is dedicated to them. In an unprecedented move, the Team manager, Kayinja Jacob has decided to dedicate Saturday’s game week to the four and we shall have a cake cutting ceremony to celebrate them.

But who knows about cakes more than our very own Ms. Namono Ritah? Ritah is the CEO of Eazi Cakes and she exemplifies all the values of a true Cartel; dedication, hard work, loyalty, patience and having fun. Ritah joined Ndejje S.S in 2005 and left in 2010 and was an accomplished sports lady where she represented both the school and her house; WALUSIMBI HOUSE in multiple sports disciplines including but not limited to Athletics, Cricket, basketball and volleyball. Ritah is seen as an idol and trail blazer among THE CARTELS community and it is for that reason that she is the in-charge events. She is tasked with bringing the fun at THE CARTELS events and this week, we talk to her to find out what she has baked for us.

CARTELS: You were missed during Game Week 1 in THE CARTELS camp, with your busy schedule, especially on weekends, how do you intend to balance your role vis-à-vis your work as a business owner?

NR- Oh yeah, I missed the game due to other engagements elsewhere but I was there in spirit cheerleading for the team. It is all about planning my time which helps me balance a lot of activities on my schedule.

CARTELS: The boys credit you as having been one of the ladies that have always shown up whenever called upon for any event, is it due to your love for sports or you are simply one of those people who show up?

NR– I believe we are a family so showing up is another way of catching up with friends, networking and having fun.

CARTELS: Despite always showing up, it has taken you a while to take up an Administrative position among THE CARTELS establishment. What changed this year?

NR- First of all, I am really grateful for THE CARTELS choosing me to be a part of the family. I am excited and now challenged in a way that we as ladies have to push this to not only be about soccer but see how the ladies can be a part in different ways.

CARTELS: You were an accomplished sports lady during your hey days and it is on record that you are fitness freak with your weekly Sukuma Dance fitness classes. Should we expect to see you on the pitch one of these days?

NR: Haha. Oh yeah😂😂😂. I am still a sports lady. At Sukuma dance fitness, you dance your way to health. One of these coming sessions I would really like to be part of those warm up sessions.

CARTELS: You were sorely missed earlier in the season but as part of the events organizing group what do you have in store for us to boost the numbers and have more fun filled Sundays?

NR: Yes we expect much more fun this season. We are doing some mobilization mostly for the ladies. We don’t want this to be limited to only soccer. We would want to also include the ladies with other activities as they also cheer for the team.

CARTELS: Back to the pitch, what are your hopes this season and what players are you excited to see star for us this season? (Ps. Don Mo may still show up if he is well managed on Saturday).

NR: I am excited to see our Cartels goalkeeper Kironde Leonard catching those balls with power and quickness. [Thought She’d go for either Okoke Philip or Mulyowa Robert given her self confessed love for plus sized men but anyway, Leo isn’t so far off too-Editor].

CARTELS: The entire CARTELS establishment has emphasized the need for the ladies showing up but while they did show up on game week 1, the numbers were underwhelming. What can be done to boost these numbers more so from your department?

NR: Good thing is that the league has just began so we are hopeful that we will see more numbers in the coming weeks especially from the ladies.

CARTELS: To many you are simply Namono Ritah, the CEO of Eazi Cakes, but who is Namono Ritah and how can you be reached for business?

NR: I am a Christian and entrepreneur. I like traveling/adventure. You can follow us on our social media pages EAZI CAKES; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. [Her cakes-the literal ones are tasty. You really should give them a try-Editor].

CARTELS: Finally, thank you again for your time. Any last words to the fans and the team?

NR: Do not give up your goals. To our fans, be ready to have fun and we are going to give you the vibe. To the team, we are waiting for those wins.

The treasurer is still receiving contributions towards the welfare of the team and contributions can be sent to Buyinza Joel on 0778116666/0705265000. We thank you for your support and best believe the team will bleed for the crest. #WeAreTheCartels.

Andreas Lutalo
March 25, 2022

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