The final Game Week of March was really an eye opener. We have no one but each other. That is what it means to be a Cartel; be your brother’s keeper. The game week was full of ups and downs and while our heads dropped a bit, by this time, our eyes are back fully focused on the prize.

True to Coach Brandon Kimuli’s word, our wastefulness proved costly in the first game of the Match Day proved costly where we squandered a number of chances against Leyenda FC-The class of 1997! The mood in the camp was that of despair given that most of us were barely off our mothers’ breasts when the opposing team was starting their secondary school journey.

The second game against Busapwe FC; much younger opponents was a truly interesting affair. We saw the rest of the league rally against our opponents which spurred the team even more. To be a Cartel means that when the chips are down, you rise up. That is what the rest of the league forgot when they chose to rally up against us. We truly enjoyed the match and though our top goal scorer was given a rather dubious red card (which has since been rescinded), we managed to scrape through with a 1-0 win scored by you guessed who; Lt. Sheldon Turyamureeba.

However, in a rather sad state of affairs, the credentials of our starting goal keeper, Kigonya Ronald were questioned by powers that be. For the record, Mr. Kigonya was in Ndejje from 2005 and he was a member of Lubambula house. Any one doubting that can verify with the school authorities. For someone who has struggled with self esteem most of his life, this was a huge blow to his confidence. However, as a team, we all have his back.

Following the events of the match day, the team manager, Kayinja Jacob wishes to ask every person on the team to rise from the gutter and have a hunger pushing them to never get there again. To have a savage mentality that drives us. He has also asked the establishment to treat our opponents kindly especially when they are in a position of power. They will make the mistake of thinking they have broken us and it is only then we can beat them at their own game. In short, this is a declaration of war from now on.

But who among us knows more about war than Lt. Sheldon Turyamureeba? Sheldon joined Ndejje SS in 2009 and left in 2010. He was a member of Muyingo House. He is currently the joint top scorer in the league having bagged 5 goals in 3 games. He is a serving Lieutenant in the Uganda Army(UPDF) and we will be talking to him about more of that this week.

CARTELS: You were in Ndejje for only two years but you exude all values of a true Cartel. What does being a Cartel mean to you?

ST- Being a Cartel means so much to me, because I have literally grown to maturity with the group. This is something that I value.

CARTELS: Last season you only participated in a handful of games. What changed this year and will we be seeing more of you this season?

ST– I only participated in a handful of games last because I was fully determined in the Ntare Lions League with team Nshera, however I made efforts of sparing some energies to be with the Cartels in securing some points. I can assure you that this season will see more of me in all aspects, since the 2 leagues (Ntare Lions League and the Ndejje league) don’t collide on their game days.

CARTELS: You are listed as a midfielder on the team list but you are the joint top scorer in the league even with a game less. What do you think is your best position and is the coach deploying you to the best of your ability?

ST- I appreciate the coach for deploying me in my best position and allowing me the freedom to implore my strengths with the ball. I’m that attacking midfielder who’s so hungry for the ball, with a killer pass instinct plus a sharp vision for the net. When we also consider the size of the pitches used in the league, then a midfield position is best for scoring goals.

CARTELS: You enjoy a healthy teammate rivalry with Bizman Derrick in as far as scoring goals for the team is concerned. Is this something that boosts the team as a whole?

ST:  Bizman is such a talented player with great abilities. He’s unselfish and great runs that create so much space for the team while in attack. I enjoy playing with him especially in the current team which I believe our goal tally and scoring abilities puts the team where it deserves to be, at the top of course.

CARTELS: There is a sizeable number of ladies in our camp (both CARTELS and non-Cartels). Does this affect your performance in any way?

ST: My performance isn’t in any way influenced by the ladies; I perform to my abilities and for the team. However, the presence of the ladies in our camp has raised more confidence and instilled a killer instinct in the team. We feel we have to win for them. When my wife shows up, the next opponents should be worried.

CARTELS: What game are you looking forward to most this season and which defender wouldn’t you rather face in the league?

ST: Our biggest Derby games are two, with the class of 2004 and the class of 2006. They are always at their best against us.

For the defender I respect in the league, it has to be “Song” Lubwama Joshua, who I don’t fear facing though.

CARTELS: The rest league seems to be out against the Cartels and you specifically with a dubious red card (which has thankfully since been rescinded). Why do you think this is so and does it spur you on?

ST: I think the Cartels have driven the league to a higher level of competition, which is a good thing. The forces we receive surely prepare us to be better than anyone, and so are my energies put to a level of wanting to be the best.

CARTELS: What are your targets for the season both as a team and as an individual?

ST: If there is recognition for a top scorer I would beat anyone to it, but being a season’s title winner and MVP would be the best.

CARTELS: Tell us more about Lt. Sheldon Turyamureeba away from the pitch.

ST: I am a married man to one wife (Ms. Irene Bwengye). Lt; means that I’m a UPDF officer, one thing I’m proud of and gladly doing in honor of all the demands.

I love business and I put aside my Law degree and UPDF ranks to involve myself in selling passion fruits. If you need any supply of sacks or small quantities around Kampala, I am surely there to answer that call.

CARTELS: Finally, thank you again for your time. Any last words to the fans and the team?

ST: The Cartels won’t be disappointing this season, please come watch a mature and somewhat entertaining game of the Cartels. Your weekend will be thrilled with goals from me and my team mates. I must say, I love the fact the league has got huge numbers on the pitch, please keep it up, because we play for the fans.

The treasurer is still receiving contributions towards the welfare of the team and contributions can be sent to Buyinza Joel on 0778116666/0705265000. We thank you for your support and best believe the team will bleed for the crest. #WeAreTheCartels.

Andreas Lutalo
April 1, 2022

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