Throughout our stay in Ndejje, we had annual themes that we would live by as we went about our day to day activities. In 2006, at the peak of our adolescence powers, the school administration saw it fit to adopt Romans 8:37 “No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us”.

Looking back, few of us or even none fathomed the impact those words would have on our lives as we were at the peak of our adolescence but with a few years added to our backs, we can say that we are now wiser and older and can probably better comprehend the said verse. 

As The Cartels, we have had a couple of highs and lows. The highs being so high and the lows being so low. We have welcomed a significant number of new members in the form of spouses and children (a quick count could put this at an easy 100) and have lost a few of our friends not only to death (Peace Tuhaise and Ssegujja Leonard John; RIP) but also to life. We have lost contact with a few and while we have tried all efforts to locate them, we only hope they rejoin The Cartels train because there is strength in numbers. We are yet to see a 100% Cartels couple but well, life is full of surprises. (Namono and Kayinja are both still not married)

However, in all this, one thing has remained constant; in the times of sorrow; we always remember that we are more than conquerors and the sun will one day come out. That is why we always celebrate the smallest of wins because we know what it means to lose. Yes, we will suffer losses, off the field, and maybe on the field but with age and togetherness, we will know how to handle this.

On the pitch this week, we have two very tough games against Legends and the Boys Boys Corp Class of 2004. Games against the Boys Boys Corp have historically been a heated affair and in such games tensions are always high. It is what you would call a derby. That is why the Head Coach, Mr. Brandon Kimuli has emphasized that we keep our heads high, stick to the game plan and not play with emotion.

This week, we speak to Rev. Kiyaga Samuel. Samuel was in Ndejje between 2005 and 2008 before leaving for Mengo SS. He was in Kabalega House where he served as Junior House Prefect between 2007& 2008. He is an accomplished sportsman where he represented the school in both football and cricket. Currently, he is a Reverend in the Church of Uganda and a teacher. He is the Proprietor of St. Peters Secondary School Kkungu. He is also a husband to one. Find out more in our weekly interview. 

CARTELS: What does being a Cartel mean to you?

SK- Being a Cartel means a lot to me. It is home and this is my family. Showing up is a stress reliever. It signifies brotherhood.

CARTELS: We know your Sunday schedule is quite busy given your vocation in life, how do you intend to balance your pastoral duties with turning out for The Cartels on Sundays?

SK– I intend to delegate where need be in order to always be available.

CARTELS: We aim to have a clean and disciplined play. Do you think this is a possibility given the characters we have in the dressing room?

SK- It is possible. The team coach and captain need to talk to the few fellows who cause commotion.

CARTELS: You are one of the team leaders on the pitch but miss a number of matches due to your schedule. Don’t you think this affects the team performance?

SK:  Yes of course. Actually every Cartel member’s absence costs the team on and off the pitch. That is why we always urge people to show up in numbers because there is strength in unity.

CARTELS: We intend to have a Spouses Day one of these match days. How do you think we can go about this and will your own newlywed bride show up to cheer for her beau?

SK: I strongly support the idea. Cartels does not stop at only football. We aspire to create a vivid bond amongst us beyond football. By engaging other members it enables us realize our objectives. Probably, she will be my biggest fan.

CARTELS: What game are you looking forward to most this season and who do you think is your toughest opponent in the league?

SK: I take all the teams to be strong. Our target this season being to emerge as winners, we should not undermine any team.

CARTELS: Prayer seems to be an important part of the establishment with the team always joining arms in prayer before each game. Would you put this solely on your presence in the team?

SK: A big NO. I attribute that to the mighty institution of Ndejje Senior Secondary School especially our chaplain by then Rev. Canon Mpagi.

CARTELS: What changes would you love to see in the team and the entire Cartels establishment to foster individual and group growth? 

SK: We need to meet regularly and interact. Stand with our friends in joy and sorrow.

CARTELS: Tell us more about Reverend Kiyaga Samuel away from the pitch.

SK: I am a teacher and a Reverend with the Church of Uganda. I am God fearing and I love my dear wife. I am also a diehard fan of Arsenal FC and SC. Villa.

Being a proprietor of St. Peters Senior Secondary School-Kungu, I spend most of my time managing that institution.

CARTELS: Finally, thank you again for your time. Any last words to the fans and the team?

SK: Appreciation to the editorial team for making me feature in our newsletter. Lastly, I leave you with Joshua 24:15 and Jeremiah 33:3

Be Blessed!

The treasurer is still receiving contributions towards the welfare of the team and contributions can be sent to Buyinza Joel on 0778116666/0705265000. We thank you for your support and best believe the team will bleed for the crest. #WeAreTheCartels.




Andreas Lutalo
April 9, 2022

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