April was a mixed month for The Cartels. By far the most challenging month yet and while we cannot promise that we will not face any more challenges, it is how we rise in the face of adversity that defines us as a cohort. The results on the pitch were very baffling and mixed which shook our very foundations but like a true Cartel, we rose like a phoenix from the ashes and can only hope for a better May.

The final game week of April saw us win one game against Farmers FC courtesy of a goal from Katalaga Walter and lose one game against eternal rivals Diagonals FC who had help from a dubious refereeing decision. All efforts to have the decision reviewed by the powers that be proved futile as we were simply told to move on. And moving on, we did!

The biggest win of them all was getting into strategic partnerships with three companies that are market leaders in their respective fields. This is a testament of our hard work off the field and the efforts of the management team cannot go unnoticed. We can only promise our sponsors; Oraquick, 2Gule and Tern Designs for coming on board at the right time. We surely can only promise to be the best ambassadors for your brands in the best way possible.

On the pitch this week, we have three very tough fixtures against Parkyard FC, Angxo and Kyijji FC.  Everyone in the camp knows the importance of having the maximum points from this game week as it makes or breaks our season and as such we cannot afford any distractions. We need all the support and noise from every Cartel wherever they are as there is strength in numbers.

This week, we speak to our team captain, Mr. Kalagala Dennis on his thoughts about the team performance and how he plans to rally the troops around for this all important game week.

CARTELS: Thank you for taking time off for us. The results have not been going our way for the past few game weeks. What could be the cause in the dip of form?

KD – The last 2 game weeks have been terrible because of inconsistence but looking forward it has to change for better results.

CARTELS: Could we be seeing a repeat of last season where the team started all guns blazing but imploded midway through the season? What should be done to prevent the impending implosion?

KD– Our team this season has a lot of potential. We have great team speed all across the board. We need to play every game as a cup final.

CARTELS: There has been so much noise in the Cartels Camp with off field distractions which has slipped into the results on pitch. How do you intend to rally the troops to put that energy to good use on pitch?

KD- Fans are part of the team therefore am calling up all Cartels, friends and fans of Cartels to come and support the team. This will motivate the team definitely.

CARTELS: On the last Match Day we had an incident where a dubious goal was awarded to Diagonals FC and you asked the players to step off the pitch until the decision was resolved. The Head Coach preferred a different approach. What are your thoughts regarding this encounter?

KD:  It was a very terrible moment. But what I observed is that there was evidence of bias against the Cartels so we had to walk off pitch as a sign of dissatisfaction with the decision of the referee and the committee but we gave it a second thought and came back to play.

CARTELS: Away from the pitch, we welcomed three new sponsors on board. What impact will this have on the entire team morale?

KD: The sponsors have done tremendous job and played a big role in the player’s lives. With OraQuick, one can go for a match day when they are sure of their HIV status.

CARTELS: Please tell us the importance of this Match Day to the team and what you are doing in terms of preparation given that it is the first time we will be playing three games in a single day.

KD: Well, we are playing 3 games and most importantly we need 9 points. We are preparing mentally and physically for this.


CARTELS: Going to the issue of discipline, we have had a Cartels player sent off on each of the Game Weeks except Game Week 1 (Sheldon in GW2 and Mwacheb in Game Weeks 3 and 4). This is giving the team a very bad image and how do you as the leader address this issue?

KD: I have always cautioned my team members on behaviors both on and off pitch for better results. Hopefully this has to improve in the coming game weeks.

CARTELS: What changes would you love to see in the team and the entire Cartels establishment to foster individual and group growth? 

KD: We need to show up in big numbers and also work on discipline both on and off pitch.

CARTELS: Tell us more about Kalagala Dennis away from the pitch.

KD: Hahaha well, am a happily married man so spend more time with my family, currently an accountant at Don Uganda Ltd. I also deal in different businesses like LPG (Gas for home use) and Furniture.

Besides playing football, I am an Arsenal fan too.

CARTELS: Finally, thank you again for your time. Any last words to the fans and the team?

KD: Well, let us be strong and focused victory will come our way. So, help us God!!




Andreas Lutalo
May 6, 2022

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